Looking for a larger offering? For some companies and organizations, team building, innovation research and understanding human dynamics is a constant challenge and need. HumanGrid™ makes Strengths Preference Indicator™ (SPI™) and Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator™ (ISPI™) integration into your company or organization on a large scale easy with the HumanGrid™ Strategic Partner Package.

HumanGrid™ Strategic Partners provides the opportunity to administer our tools in bulk and as an ongoing practice.   With a HumanGrid™ Strategic Partnership you can take your company or organization to the next level of potential by incorporating the SPI™ and/or ISPI™ into your current model or strategies.

The HumanGrid™ Strategic Partner package has been adopted by both Public and Private sector organizations, such as: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Military Intelligence Divisions and Technologies, Energy Suppliers, Global Consulting Firms, Human Resource Specialists, Urban Community Management Administrations , Organizational Development Specialist and Academic Institutions.

We look for Shared Values

HumanGrid™ welcomes Strategic Partners who share our values, and commitment to the uncovering the hidden elements within us all.  The values behind HumanGrid™ are extremely important to us and we believe to be a key factor in our success.  Understanding the power behind human dynamics and how they can influence entire departments, companies and organizations is critical.

We value a Shared Commitment

The SPI™ for Individuals and the ISPI™ for Innovation is available in bulk for our Strategic Partners who commit to using these tools on a large scale.

What are the benefits from a HumanGrid™ Strategic Partner Package?

  • White Labeling: Customizing the SPI™ interface to be branded for your company or organization
  • Seamless Growth:  We grow together.  As HumanGrid™ expands so do you.  Wider networks, and increased awareness.
  • Strategic Partner pricing plan:  large discount on cost, combined with Strategic Partner payment structure is available.
  • Expert Support:  Direct support and advice from the HumanGrid™ executive leadership team.  Your success is our success.
  • Culture and paradigm shifts beyond individual teams: incorporating SPI™ into company-wide personnel management models helps create greater pattern recognition and better strategies for growth.
  • If Innovation and Creativity is a driving force for your organization, a HumanGrid™ Strategic Partner Package for the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator™ (ISPI™)  is a best choice.

We want to hear from you.  Contact our Sales department to discuss our Strategic Partnership package in greater detail.