What comes with your Strengths Preference Indicator™ (SPI™) feedback?

  • Insightful feedback book that shares your personal preferences
  • A guided feedback video for you to learn about your  personal preferences
  • Team role and champion role booklet – learn what roles fit you best!
  • Meet Lee- The SPI™ tour guide.

The Strengths Preference Indicator™, or SPI™, is a tool used by a wide spectrum of businesses including Certified Practitioners, Individual Consultants, Therapists, Educators, Students, Families and couples.  The Strengths Preference Indicator™ (SPI™); an individual focused tool, is based on our original Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator™ (ISPI™)  but without an innovation and large organization focus.

The SPI™ tool uncovers your Problem Solving Orientations. The SPI™ takes 15 minutes or less online to complete and you get immediate feedback on your problem solving strengths sharing your Cognitive, Affective and Conative approaches.  Using the Strengths Preference Indicator™ (SPI™), you learn that everyone’s problem solving approach is strength.  The SPI™ is designed to be used for a number of different distinct applications that can aid your organization, team or family in moving forward and resolving challenges. These applications include:

  • Team building
  • Recognizing your own and others problem solving strengths/orientation
  • Uncovering the blind spots on your team
  • Creating a new team
  • Analyzing an existing team
  • Leadership development
  • Much more

Affordable Insight

HumanGrid™ aims to allow businesses of all sizes to benefit from the powerful insights of the Strengths Preference Indicator™ (SPI™) at an affordable price.  Typically, the cost of access to over 25 years of experience into an easy to use online tool chest and dashboard would cost thousands of dollars, complex workshops and hours of analysis.  HumanGrid™ is a premier source of access at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.