making-invisible-visibleHow HumanGrid™ was born

Inspired by the Periodic Table of elements, our founder, Robert Rosenfeld dedicated over 25 years to mapping out the human elements that control creativity and our actions. “If we can look at any object around us and break it down to individual elements, and map out these elements into a table, why can’t we do personalities?”

Confuting the pessimists, Robert Rosenfeld developed and patented the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator™ (ISPI™); a premier instrument designed to measure and identify the hidden human elements that influence our innovation and problem solving preferences.

Along the journey of developing the ISPI™ were many other helpful instruments and assessment tools that measure and categorize personalities and preferences. Most of these tools provide an accurate snapshot of visible traits and types. The ISPI™ is the leading tool that actually identifies individual human elements that drive behavior and creates a “roadmap” of invisible forces.

Like the elements of the Periodic Table, the HumanGrid™ makes what was once invisible now visible.

Robert Rosenfeld (Bob), CEO of HumanGrid™, did not study business before starting his consulting firm (Idea Connection Systems). He studied chemistry. While studying at Drake University his major concentration was in chemistry; which required him to get well acquainted with the periodic table of elements. As a coursework elective study, he ventured out into psychology. It was this decision that uncovered what he set out to do for the rest of his career.

Being extremely familiar with the Periodic Table and understanding its importance, Bob recounts many conversations with his psychology professors about “why does the field of psychology not have a human periodic table.” His professors believed people are too complex to uncover their many elements. This concept of a human periodic table stuck with Bob and ignited his passion to map out human elements that influence our innovation and problem solving preferences. Bob and his wife Debbie, truly embrace humanity and have seven children of which five are adopted and are of a diverse ethnic backgrounds which spans the globe.

HumanGrid™ allows everyone to benefit from his pursuit to create it. Bob is an inventor and he continues to invent and collaborate with others to create this HumanGrid™.