Are you dedicated to understanding our daily behavior? We make tools for understanding human dynamics. We make leveraging hidden traits of your team, personnel and organization easy. At HumanGrid™ we have over 25 years’ experience in guiding global organizations through innovation breakthroughs, Culture Changes, Mergers and Team building.

HumanGrid™ products and tools create a platform for Individuals, Leadership Teams, Human Resource Managers, Therapists, Families, Couples and Organizations of all sizes, who are dedicated to understanding our daily behavior.

Customizing your platform of tools

HumanGrid™ offers multiple options and combinations of our products. You decide what platform package and tools are right for you, your organization, your work, your family or budget.

Some of our products are stand-alone type items and some are expansions that require first purchasing a “base-line” product.

  • Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator™ Executive Edition (ISPI™ EXE)
  • Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator™ (ISPI™)
  • Strength Preference Indicator™ (SPI™)
  • 4 Cultures™

HumanGrid™ developers identified the most effective instruments that help the creative process. These instruments have been successfully used at the office and business settings, in therapy sessions, with students and professors enrolled in educational degree programs, on religious committees and for families, couples and individuals. A common element between our instruments is the human element and you. HumanGrid™ is for people dedicated to understanding our daily behavior.