At HumanGrid™ we have over 25 years’ experience in guiding global organizations through innovation breakthroughs, Culture Changes, Mergers, Team building and Creative Strategic Planning. Inspired by the diversity within our own team – we hail from a full spectrum of industries and professionals from Therapists to Six Sigma Black Belts – we saw the universal need and desire to make our collective learning more easily available to the global society at large. The HumanGrid™ Platform puts our tools and collective knowledge in your hands. You are the element that makes our world work. We believe that assembling the right team is the key to success and ultimately a greater global peace – in work, at home, in communities and in life.

The old paradigm of hiring and bringing in an outsider is costly and often logistically difficult. The HumanGrid™ Platform makes access to world class instruments and lessons affordable at all levels.

Developed by best in class for team building and Creative Strategic Planning

The developers of the HumanGrid™ Platform consists of skilled experts in organization development, new product development, team and human dynamics, inclusive culture creation, innovation teams and many more people centric programs. Being seasoned experts in a full arsenal of tools and instruments that are globally recognized and the premier choice of industry experts; the HumanGrid™ developers identified the most effective instruments that help the creative process. These instruments have been successfully used at the office and business settings, in therapy sessions, with students and professors enrolled in educational degree programs, in religious committees and for families, couples and individuals.

The heart and engine of the HumanGrid™ Platform is the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator™ (ISPI™) – the globally recognized instrument created by Idea Connection Systems and Robert Rosenfeld. The ISPI™ has been used by over 40 of world’s largest global organizations. Spanning from the Aerospace Industry, Governmental Defense Agencies, Energy and Chemical Manufacturers to Pharmacology and Global Manufacturing giants.

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Our vast library of team building and creative strategy planning workshops and case studies sets us apart.

We have over 25 years of creating solutions for our clients and developing workshops that are proven success generators. The HumanGrid™ catalog of intellectual properties and tools incorporates Idea Connection System’s “High Performance Organization Building™” to the “Kitty Hawk Program™” and much more. HumanGrid™ instruments leverages concepts and learning from globally recognized assessment tools and instruments such as FIRO-B® and the renowned Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ and many more.

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