original-leeThe HumanGrid™ team recruited a very special spokesperson for the SPI™ when the tool was developed. Meet Lee.

Lee’s job has stayed consistent over the years and is best known for sharing everyone’s Strengths Preference Indicator™ (SPI™) feedback with them. Lee will escort you throughout the SPI™ and can help you to understand all of the complementary tools to the SPI™. Lee is your guide waiting to help you.

Lee attended boarding school and University in London, England and moved to Rochester, New York to take a job with HumanGrid™ as an ambassador for and promote the SPI™. Lee understands the importance of teaching about the invisible elements within each person and learning how to leverage them. Lee is the star performer and narrator of our series of videos created to help you understand how to leverage the insights you will gain from the SPI™; Lee is your guide to insight.


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Lee is a natural leader and enjoys independence. Lee typically focuses on details. Appreciation of “order” is often the case in Lee’s life. Seeking truth, discipline and justice are staples in Lee’s daily routine and has a strong dislike for other who do not. Lee can be overly focused and practical. This may make Lee seem conservative and cautious at times. Lee typically enjoys down time, but enjoys spending time with family and friends. Sometimes networking with new people can be tedious for Lee (though Lee loves sharing feedback with new users). Taking pride in work is one of Lee’s strongest attributes.

Lee is your guide to all things SPI™ and has a totem just like everyone!