organizations needing to build team’s capable of creating great outcomes by leveraging each team member’s individual strengths.

The ISPI™: Executive Edition was built, upon the Standard ISPI™, with the sole intent of assisting leaders of all industries to understand and make stratigic decisions to speeding up the type of innovation the organization needs. Whether it be evolutionary, expansionary or revolutionary, the ISPI™: Executive Edition can help build the team that can lead the way. It can clearly paint the picture of the innovation relay race that is necessary to spur innovation.

The Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® Executive Edition , (ISPI™ EXE), is used globally in innovation efforts by organizations large and small.

  • Fast – typically less than 15 minutes to administer.
  • Reliable – Over 90% positive face validity. 
  • Effective – The tool of choice for organizations large and small.
  • Powerful – looks at three areas of the brain unlike most other tools which only look at one area.

What comes with your ISPI™ EXEfeedback?

  • Comprehensive Innovation feedback report
  • Team roles and Champion roles that fit your preferences
  • ISPI™ Theory Book – giving more in-depth knowledge about the tool
  • Organizational Lifecycle report – This report is generated from your ISPI™ results and brings the application of Larry Miller's book, “Barbarians to Bureaucrats” to life.