People from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and professions from around the globe connect with HumanGrid™.

Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Leadership Teams, Families, couples and individuals are part of the HumanGrid™ Network. The common element for all these groups is the human element. The common vision for all these groups is creating a greater global peace –in work, at home, in communities and in life.

At HumanGrid™ we believe understanding the human elements create greater opportunity for creativity, growth, harmony and create a greater peace in all aspects of life. You are the human element that makes our world work.

Discovering your human elements begins with Joining HumanGrid™ here.

Inspired by the Periodic Table of elements, our founder, Robert Rosenfeld dedicated over 25 years to mapping out the human elements that controls creativity and our actions. “If we can look at any object around us and break it down to individual elements, and map out these elements into a table, why can’t we do personalities?”

Like the elements of the Periodic Table, the HumanGrid™ makes what was once invisible is now visible.

The HumanGrid™ Network compliments our platform of tools designed to help our members connect with world class experts. Being able to connect with others is a key component of HumanGrid™. Finding partners, solutions and opportunities with other members of the HumanGrid™ Network is easy.

When you Join the HumanGrid™ Network you are able to look up and find certified practitioners and other human dynamics professionals in your area. Many of our members are consultants, entrepreneurs, Human Resource professionals, Therapists, Entrepreneurs and Innovators. The HumanGrid™ platform of tools and the HumanGrid™ Network offers several opportunities for you to start your own business.

Popular benefits to joining the HumanGrid™ Network are:

  • At Work
    • Implement Innovation programs
    • Jump start your entrepreneurship.
    • Learn to recognize the invisible traits that guide your actions.
    • Improve your relationships at work
    • Break through a plateau in your career
    • Understand difficult people.
    • Build better teams and partnerships.
    • Reduce stress and increase productivity
    • Identify you work culture
    • Forge new paths.
  • At Home
    • Learn to recognize the invisible traits that guide your actions.
    • Improve your relationships with family and friends
    • Create better memories
    • Understand difficult people.
    • Create greater peace at home
    • Discover new journeys

What is your element?

Join the HumanGrid™ network today and start learning how to make the invisible visible.