Change <span class="green">Indicator Map®</span>

The Change Indicator Map® (CIM™), will be available online soon.

The Change Indicator Map® (CIM™), is a method to look at how members of your team, family or yourself change under certain circumstances (such as stress).  It is important to understand that the Change Indicator Map® or CIM™, is an expansion of the SPI™ for individuals and ISPI™ for innovation and cannot be taken by itself.  The Change Indicator Map® or CIM™ requires you to already have results from an original SPI™ or ISPI™ for Innovation focused discovery.

Your original results give you a ‘base line’ for understanding where changes occur.  During times when you might have an extremely heavy workload (for example), you take the Strengths Preference Indicator™ (SPI™) or our Innovation focused ISPI™ again;  and see how your preferences change during times of duress. The difference in your results is made visible with The Change Indicator Map® (CIM™).

The Change Indicator Map® can be an extremely powerful tool when building a team that will be faced with broad changes (stress based or otherwise) during their time in the organization;  or for families and couples going through minor and major life challenges.

  • Uncovers preference shifts during times of change
  • Provide insight to predict behaviors under duress
  • Allows teams, therapists, families and couples to better navigate upcoming challenges
  • Can be taking multiple times under changing situations