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HumanGrid™ is proud of our collaborations with EV8™ and proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Core Motivations Indicator™. The CMI™ is the newest instrument to be available on our outstanding platform of tools for individuals and organizations. The CMI™ provides a framework and language for understanding why people act - the motivations that lead them to do what they do and be who they are.


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eV8 is a a world leading emotion and relationship company dedicated to the power of human connectedness. EV8 are experts at and focus on creating and nurturing the bonds, large and small, that bind people together, allowing them to support, care for, inspire and learn from each other.

The teams and people of eV8 build systems that improve human connectedness, and strive to produce positive outcomes for both individuals and organizations.  Grounded in research, EV8 solutions are designed to ease human interaction by utilizing a unique knowledge mix of people, relationships and life, as well as technology. The EV8 combination of experience and technology allows our solutions to personally engage every individual in a truly meaningful way, while achieving both efficiency and scale.

eV8 draws on knowledge and data gained by supporting billions of personal interactions in the lives of millions of people across the globe over the past 100 years. The founders of EV8 are industry leaders and knowledge experts regarding  the powerful universal truths that allow people to understand each other, as well as the individual differences in experience, priorities, values and style that may create confusion or even conflict.

Our unique solutions are made for those who are interested in exploring the "why" of choices and behavior.  Our solutions are designed for the individual and the professional.  Use our solutions for greater insight in a wide spectrum of areas including: health, learning, employment, relationships, resilience, meaningfulness and even spirituality.

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