Understanding human dynamics is our passion. We make tools for understanding human dynamics. We make leveraging hidden traits of your team, personnel and organization easy. At HumanGrid™ we have over 25 years of experience in guiding global organizations through innovation breakthroughs, Culture Changes, Mergers and Team building.

As global leaders of Organization development and human dynamics we have fostered creating a collective of world class leaders from the full spectrum of industries. The HumanGrid™ syndicate, led by Robert Rosenfeld,  mapped out the human traits that guide and influence the individual and group behavior – which in turn has great influence on creativity and success. Understanding human dynamics is critical to the success of your efforts and essential to creating a sustainable harmony between work, life and your relationships in all aspects of life.

Our platform of tools is designed for individuals, professional practitioners, therapists, families and couples to discover, leverage and optimize the invisible human elements that affect the quality of creativity and performance and more. The HumanGrid™ platform is available to individuals, certified practitioners, organizations, therapists, families and couples. HumanGrid™ is designed for all people who have a desire for understanding human dynamics.

You decide what platform package and tools are right for you, your organization, your work, your family or budget.

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The HumanGrid™ Network (HGN) consists of:

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  • Private and Public sector organizations
  • Organizational Development Professionals
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Understanding human dynamics starts with making the invisible visible. We make tools for understanding human dynamics. Get started today.