Hello Fellow ISPI™ Certified Practitioners!

Here at Idea Connection Systems, we have been busy helping our clients and partners take full advantage and leverage our 26 years of innovation work. As we approach our third decade of serving both the public and private sectors, we’ve been listening and watching for ways to make our instruments and knowledge base more accessible.

We heard you loud and clear.  We are very proud to announce the launch of ICS’s newest division dedicated to human dynamic tools:  HumanGrid™.

Our founder, and your friend, Robert Rosenfeld being inspired by the Periodic Table of elements, dedicated over 25 years to mapping out the human elements that control creativity and our actions.

“If we can look at any object around us and break it down to individual elements, and map out these elements into a table, why can’t we do personalities?”

Like the elements of the Periodic Table, the HumanGrid™ makes what was once invisible now visible.  HumanGrid™ allows everyone to benefit from his pursuit to create it.

We have created a short webinar series for you to learn about the exciting new developments with Idea Connection Systems and our tools. Please join us to learn about HumanGrid™ (our newly formed Tools Division), our new tools offerings and ways to strategically work with your client's ISPI™ results!

To register for the webinars today!

For any questions you may have, please Email: info@MyHumanGrid.com